Spirit of Faith Ministries


Deacon Ministry: As the Pastor’s helpers, The Deacon’s ministry is responsible for the business of the church as well as spiritual concerns of the church family. Acts 6:3 is the biblical foundation for Spirit of Faith Deacons. Men called to fill this office are prayerfully and carefully selected by the Pastor and then ratified by the Church Body.


The Spirit of Faith Deacons are: Deacon David Lamar, Deacon Daryl Mason, Deacon Reuben Mason, Deacon Robert Reed, and Deacon Greg Robertson.


Associate Ministers: Spirit of Faith Church is blessed to have associate ministers  that are committed to seeing life changes in this body of believers that it serves and loves.


The Spirit of Faith Associate Ministers are: Minister Marsha Mason, Minister Ray Maxwell, and Minister Carlton Paldo.


Praise & Worship Team: The Praise & Worship Ministry sets the atmosphere of praise through song and musical instruments. This ministry provides musical offerings of the church so that all may be uplifted through the music, strengthened through prayer, and guided by the scripture and the Holy Spirit in matters of personal spiritual growth.


Musician, Joshua Williams, and drummer, Jeremiah Williams, lead Spirit of Faith musicians and praise and worship team.


Usher Ministry: The usher ministry of Spirit of Faith helps to create a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere.  Our ushers serve the people of God in a loving, hospitable manner assisting members and visitors with a variety of needs.


Marriage Ministry:  The marriage ministry is open to all married couples, engaged couples, and those desiring to be married. This ministry is available to enhance marriages and strengthen relationships from a Christ like perspective.


Spirit of Faith Marriage Ministry leaders are Deacon Robert & Sis. Sabrina Reed.


Women’s Ministry: The Spirit of Faith Women’s ministry empowers and shapes women into the image of Jesus Christ through Biblical studies. The purpose of the ministry is to strengthen the mind and spirit of women through aligning their lives with God’s will.


First Lady, Sis. Lynda Mason facilitates the Women’s Ministry.


Children’s & Youth Ministry: The Spirit of Faith Youth Ministry teaches children and youth the importance of establishing a relationship with God starting at a young age. They meet on Sunday mornings and are taught the word of God on a level they can understand.  The primary purpose is to equip our young people with necessary tools to create a yearning for God.


The Children/Youth leaders are: Sis. Tanya Robertson and Sis. Debracca Williams


Male Chorus: The Spirit of Faith Male Chorus is a ministry where men learn, sing, and grow together through monthly meetings. As scripture decrees, “Iron Sharpens Iron”. The mighty men of Spirit of Faith stand strongly together, for our families, for our community and for our church.


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